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Thanks for the reminders to keep it as simple as the Word of God! Philippians is a great one!

21 Days, Step-Parenting With Gods Guidance

Another one we use a lot is Romans Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another. I actually made a print out of this one but changed brotherly to sisterly and hung it all bedrooms! I use that not only for my children but reassurance for myself as I am correcting them!

Bible Study on Step-Parenting – Blended Families - Part 1

I homeschool 4 children. A lot. Even though we get them therapy, I still find myself looking at just the behaviors. In the process of changing myself to how I react, I see my flaws so outwardly showing. Parenting these children is the hardest thing I have ever done! But to have kids with porcupine quills poking you everyday really shows how flawed I am!

So your articles on anger and parenting, I have been following. And many others based on: Be respectful Be responsible Be a truth teller Be fun to be around Listen to first direction. When we deal with anxieties: of course Psalm 23, and Timothy or Philipians? It covers just about everything. When we are harmless—there is no reason to point fingers, when we are without rebuke—it means we are doing things right. God has given us that responsibility because we are your parents. I wish I could say we are doing these verses perfectly, but are definitely works in progress.

Thank you for asking hard, honest questions—about yourself and situations, and of us. I look forward to what you will put together. This is a great post! Something we struggle with in our home from time to time. This is a great reminder.

Living Out the Gospel: Responsibility of Parents

These are very important verses, and I certainly will be using them from now on. Lord help us remember! Visiting you from Mama Moments Monday. Thanks for sharing! The Bible has so many verses we can use to correct our children and point them to God. As many other commenters have already mentioned, I love Eph. Practical and spiritual advice in a great balance. Your email address will not be published.

Are you ready to approach conversations about sex with your kids confidently and biblically? Get FREE instant access to this 3-part video series! Access Now! Shop Now. More About Us. There are some good Bible verses to help focus on how to correct your kids. We need to learn how to correct our children in a way that… Points them to law of Christ, not just our own parental rules Speaks to their hearts , not just their behaviors Imparts grace and kindness, not condemnation 1. Enjoy the suggestions in this easy to read guide and learn from the struggles of this blended, christian family and learn how to become the loving stepparent your new family needs By making God the head over everything in your life you will be able to flourish.

This book is designed as a step by step guide and is paired with beautiful supporting scripture from the King James Bible. You can win fantastic prizes for your child. There are fun interactive games, hours of audio sermons based on the KJV version of the Holy Bible, amazing illustration and a fun bible quiz. Check out HearMe Gospel on the app store today and google play for Android today.

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We live in disturbed times. Seemingly more now than at any time in the previous Seemingly more now than at any time in the previous five decades, the planet appears riven. Discover your beauty in the words of Scripture. As men and women refine and practice their strengths they will be equipped to consistently achieve excellence and maximize their God-given talents.

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Our actions speak louder than the cars we drive, the neighborhoods we come from, the clothes we wear or even the words we say. Thoughts and actions eventually develop into character. God desires us to stay in his Word, so we can be like him. Cherish it. Jesus promises to be the kind of friend that all of us seek—and he has already proven it by what he has done.

Not only does it make us feel like we got what it takes but it reassures us of receiving the two thumbs up or the pat on the back. If that is so, great news!!!! You are only 1 letter away from your solution. Having a bad day is not always the best thing.

Yet, there is something we can have self -control over, and that is my attitude. I determine my attitude and my attitude determines who I am. It only takes one bad apple to spoil the rest. So, remember your outlook determines your outcome. If I say I am an honor student, but never turn in homework, is this truth? God sees everything we do.

Get PDF 21 Days, Step-Parenting With Gods Guidance

Words say much more about us than we know. Even a few words can speak volumes. What we do with our words and how we choose to communicate them is a powerful tool.