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Three hundred men serve in the navy.

The 3rd Battalion is stationed in the capital, Suva, and the remaining three are spread throughout the islands. Nevertheless, this small force carried out four major coups since Fijian independence in The country was shaken by two coups in , the mutiny at Queen Elisabeth Barracks in Suva as well as the coup of , prior to the latest coup of December Earlier coups had devastated Fiji by reopening racial divides between native Melanesian Fijians and Indians whose many ancestors were brought to this country by the British colonial power as slave labor, first predominantly Hindus from Calcutta.

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A later wave of voluntary predominantly Muslim migrants came from Gujarat. In the late 80s, Indo-Fijians were a majority, but racial discrimination and the coups and accompanying violence, looting of Indian business and rape of Indian women, triggered an exodus of thousands of the best-trained professionals. Indo-Fijians again became a minority. More than Fijians serve in the British Army. Some of those mercenaries were once active members of the Fijian army.

The government allows soldiers, particularly officers, to transit from military service to join private security firms, which in turn pay it a fee. In a statement on Friday a UN working group called on Fiji to create laws to tackle the problem of mercenaries, and to sign on to the International Convention Against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries. In , Fiji mercenaries were found working on the Papua New Guinea autonomous island province of Bougainville, where they were reportedly training the private army of a notorious conman.

The UN said people in Fiji also had been recruited by dubious private security firms to undertake work in Iraq. Fijian soldiers are very familiar with Arabs and their culture.

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Our soldiers have served in Lebanon, the Sinai Desert and elsewhere. Under the British, Fijians had served in many parts of the world, including Malaya. Our soldiers are known for their excellence. Fijian military and the US military are very close; we used to have excellent relations. Since the coup the US has frozen all new cooperation, although existing projects can still go on. One more important issue to mention is that the US security companies often directly contract retired Fijian soldiers who then serve in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. For Fiji it is tremendous business.

But at home, the issue is taboo or at last free of criticism. With the money continuing to come back to Fiji, there is little public questioning. Remittances are essential for the survival of many families.

Coup D'Etat in America: The CIA and the Assassination of John Kennedy Volume Five

A soldier stationed abroad can send up to 2, dollars a month, a huge amount in Fiji, yet a great bargain for the UK or the US where the military personnel with similar experience employed in combat zones can easily cost 50, dollars or more a month. Homes of the poor in Suva. Fertile ground for military recruitment On November 1, , the Fiji Times carried an interview conducted by Pacific News with Sakiusa Raivoce, a retired Fijian colonel and director of Security Support, the biggest of the country's six mercenary employment agencies.

The supplanting of popular sovereignty and usurpation of the powers conferred constitute the crimes of treason of treason against the Nation.

Latin America post World War II, Guatemalan coup d'etat 1954 - COLD WAR DOCUMENTARY

There is no statute of limitations for these crimes and criminal proceedings can be initiated by public authority or by petition of any citizen. It is carried out by three powers: Legislative, Executive and Judicial, which are complementary and independent and none is subordinate to another. Alternation in the exercise of the Presidency of the Republic is obligatory. Violation of this norm constitutes treason against the Nation.

See Decreto , Nov. To adjudicate charges brought against the highest officials of the State. Los actos verificados por tales autoridades son nulos. Acts certified by such authorities are null.

The 1989 Coup d'Etat in Paraguay : The End of a Long Dictatorship, 1954-1989

The people have the right to resort to insurrection in defense of the constitutional order. To approve or disapprove the administrative conduct of the Executive Power, Judicial Power and the National Electoral Tribunal, the Comptroller General of the Republic, the Attorney General of the Republic and decentralized institutions.

Article does not have subsection 20, but article does. I accordingly treat the reference as being to article En las elecciones que el Congreso Nacional haga o declare, o en las renuncias que admita o rechace; 2.

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En los decretos que se refieren a la conducta del Poder Ejecutivo;. In the elections which the National Congress makes or declares, or in the resignations which it accepts or rejects; 2. In the declarations that there is or is not ground to bring a case; 3. In the decrees which refer to the conduct of the Executive Power. Todo acto que ejecuten fuera de la ley es nulo e implica responsabilidad. Any act which they undertake outside the law is null and implies responsibility. No official or employee, civilian or military, is obligated to follow orders which are illegal or which imply the commission of a crime.

But if three designees are also permanently or indefinitely absent or incapacitated, the Executive Power will be exercised by the President of the National Congress,. During his temporary absences, the President may call on one of the designees to replace him. The immediately preceding article, Art.

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Anyone who breaches this provision or proposes its reform, as well as those who assist him directly or indirectly, shall cease immediately in the discharge of their respective posts, and will remain ineligible for ten years for the exercise of any public function. Los tratados internacionales celebrados por Honduras con otros estados, una vez que entran en vigor, forman parte del derecho interno. Peru, supra note The four visas revoked to date reportedly include those of the judge who issued the warrant to arrest President Zelaya, the current president of the Congress, the Human Rights Ombudsman and the head of the armed forces.

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