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Smith, USAF. Carl Spaatz. An examination of military policy and national defense in the air airatomic atomic airatomic age. Analyzes the fight fighting ing fighting philosophies and tactics of such famous military leaders as Washington, Napolean, Frederick the Great and Billy Mitchell. Scores of photos, ev everything erything everything you need to know sites and night life, where to stay, eat and shop in Paris, on the Rivi Riviera, era, Riviera, etc.

Traditions and man manners. Senator from to , Elkins was a key figure in the transformation of America from a frontier socie society ty society to an industrial state. Fascin Fascinating ating Fascinating and authoritative history.

Candidly controversial biography of Win Winnie nie Winnie by his mast outspoken cri critic tic critic in the House of Commons. Trans, ascribed to Oscar Wilde. The clas classic sic classic adventures of two rapacall rapacallions, ions, rapacallions, living on their wits, depict depicting ing depicting the actual life of Rome under Nero: its wickedness, degener degeneracy acy degeneracy debaucheries and enormit enormities.

Calder- Mar Marshall. A definitive biography of the legendary man who most influ influenced enced influenced 20th century sexual atti attitudes. Pierces the enigma of the shy scholarly Ellis who suffered the tortures of sexual impotency and deviation, yet emerged a -worldwide authority on sex.

A su superb perb superb study enhanced by hereto un unpublished published unpublished journals and letters. Academy l dlcinc essays ranging from the biology of ethics to chang changmg mg changmg concepts of child care. Contri Contributors butors Contributors include Gerard, Liddell. Senn, others: Pub. How individuals and groups subordinate logical tv ed. B' ay oath. American higher er1,,,. Bn Pub. Words and TIIF rvn!

Magnificent of the fight of a man against the 1 1 hard-drinking, loose-living, unscru pulous mercantile society of th Volga at the turn of the cento Iv Pub. A fascinating work reli vealing the radical political piin l f ciples of a 19th century Yankee Catholic thinker who formula 1 ed the conclusions of communism; more than a decade before Karl ] Marx. One of Ameri cas most original and eccentric critics on Whitman, Emerson William James, Shakespeare, the 1 Negro question, and many other aspects of literature and society Pub.

I Sale sl. A Southerner's con troversial end historical stud in contrasts. Distilling all th beauty and excitement of th bard's six most popular play. Arranged, wit lucid commentary, for study an performance. The first full account of the British invasio of Tibet in Conceived by Lor Curzon, Viceroy to India, an carried out by Colonel Fianci Younghusband, it was one of th most swashbuckling, exotic and i trigue-laden campaigns in his torv.

Pub Pubs4. Ess jn art appreciation by a guished Australian critic, analyses of the work of m ters and Australian arti. Special Import s! Papers read to the ish Conference of Alfred Cobban. Brian n ' j ir Walsh and others. Ulus, pub. The impressions that Tocqueville recorded from these visits des des des tribe the social, economic and po po po litieal problems of Reform Age England with incomparable per per per tinence and prophetic insight. The inside story of what really goes on be- I hind the Bamboo Curtain, by a I former official of both the gov gov gov ernment and the Party.

The com- I munes, Mao Tse-tung, the wolf wolf and and wolf and fox" diplomacy are thorough thorough-9 -9 thorough-9 lv covered. Includes special sections lon grammar, pronunciation, names and idiomatic phrases. Illustrated with I contemporary caricatures. Rollins, Harvard University. Comprehensive, im important, portant, important, study of the democratic theory, constitutional law, and ad administrative ministrative administrative practices that guide the civilian control of our military organization.

An intimate por portiait tiait portiait of the great Mexican paint painter, er, painter, Jose Clemento Orozco. The whole panorama of 19th Century British life is illumi illuminated nated illuminated in these commentaries which constitute both important social history and an entertaining expose. The first rousing months of the Con Confederacy federacy Confederacy seen through the figures of Edmund Ruffin.

Mary Chest Chestnut. Exciting history of New Englands men and women who fought so desperately with words and weapons against slav slavery ery slavery William Lloyd Garrison. Includes Americanisms, catch phrases, service slang, early per period iod period survivals, abbreviation and sign list, etc. The true, terrifying, as astonishingly tonishingly astonishingly frank confessional of a young woman whose strange compulsion drove her from lover to lover and from analyst to ana analyst.

Abounding with weird wo women, men, women, Madavenue men, exhibition exhibitionist ist exhibitionist sex, fascinating encounters encountersand and encountersand devastating exposes of psy psychoanalysts choanalysts psychoanalysts who dwell in fantasy worlds even more startling than those of their patients.

Complete Completewith with Completewith sources and comments. Two of the New Yorkers most brilliant writers examine the present sit situation uation situation of Americas most advanc advanced ed advanced Indians on their threatened re reservations servations reservations in upper New York State and in their Brooklyn col colony ony colony in the North Gowanus neigh neighborhood.

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A fully rounded biogra biography phy biography of the great Scottish poet and lover, revolutionary and philan philanderer, derer, philanderer, from ploughman to Edin Edinburgh burgh Edinburgh drawingroom, from tavern rhymer to world poet. Plates are tip tipped ped tipped on separate pages suitable for framing.

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A pene penetrating trating penetrating study of slavery and King Cotton, the Civil War and re reconstruction. Bilbo and Thomas Wolfe the vast panorama behind the Southern mind today. The basic thoughts of the great American philosopher and educator, arrang arranged ed arranged for ready reference. The whole exciting story of how Lincoln recouped the political and military failures of the North in the election of and saved the union from disintegration.

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TO P. Marvtegaz Marvtegazza. The great Italian anthropolo anthropologist's gist's anthropologist's definitive account of strange and curious sexual customs. First complete and unexpurgated Eng English lish English edition.

Searching for "stage electrics" - ET Now UK

The whole sweep of our history from the Civil War to the Cold War. Scores of illustrations, documents, etc. Over pp. A warm and knowledgable portrait of Miss Stein from Radcliffe to Paris, back to America and the final years in France. All the famous friend friendships ships friendships and influences are judici judiciously ously judiciously evaluated, and the story moves with the pace of a novel.

Wit and wisdom abound in these en entertaining tertaining entertaining and instructive ring ringside side ringside studies of famous literary quarrels between such figures as: George Bernard Shaw, H. Wells, G. Chesterton, Hillaire Bellock. Coulton and Henry James, Pub. Twelve masterpieces color. Reproductions are tipped on in individual dividual individual pages suitable for fram framing. Introductory text, plus notes for each painting. Ilxl5, printed in Italy. The sinister story of the perversion of painting, architec architecture, ture, architecture, printing and other arts to propaganda in Nazi Germany, Sta Stalinist linist Stalinist Russia, and post-war tyran tyrannies.

The artists who co-operated, what happened to those who did not, and the effect on the public. Spector Spectorsky. College life in all its aspects, reflected brilliantly in writings by Chaucer, Swift, Mencken, Thurber and many others. Illustrated with photos, drawings and cartoons.

A fascinating and au authoritative thoritative authoritative account of the day-to day-today day day-today life of the great English uni university, versity, university, throughout its history to the present. The full page illustra illustrations tions illustrations by Rawlandson, Cruickshank and the best modern photograph- : ers are an integral part of the book.

Twelve masterpie masterpieces ces masterpieces in full color, including the Don! Reproductions are tipped on individual pages suitable for framing. A plea for the affirmation of tite life of the spirit and a sympathetic yet critical study of Kiekegaard, Berdayev, Peguy and Buber. An exuberant portrait of this brilliant 14th century Ro Romantic mantic Romantic storyteller who lived through Renaissance Paganism in Italy, lush fidelity with an adult adultrcss, rcss, adultrcss, medieval piety and report reported ed reported in the Decameron the horrors and madness caused by the Black Death as it slashed through Italy and Europe.

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The brilliant result of nine years intensive study shows you how to understand psychology and the fundamental differences of, prevalent psychological view viewpoints. Includes the origins of psy psychoanalysis, choanalysis, psychoanalysis, emotional and sexual development, conscious and the unconcious, much more. Matthew, Cu Cupid pid Cupid Victorious. The Beheading of John the Baptist, etc.

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Introductory text and notes for each painting. Printed in Italy. An intimate record of the daily life of the author of Remembrance of Things Past and his mother, perhaps the only person he ever really loved. Pro Provides vides Provides insight into the glittering social, political and artistic world which he made the setting of his great novel.