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The police suspect local bootleggers, but Max and Allison Hurlock soon find that the victim had a much wider range of acquaintances, and secrets than anyone knew, including several people who would be very glad to see him out of the way. Soon Max is mixed up with local jealousies, the Coast Guard, a dishonest federal agent, moonshiners, and a mysterious rumrunner boat that seems to have the ability to vanish at will. Meanwhile, Allison meets a woman who apparently can summon the dead, and runs into Houdini himself. Then Max finds that the Devil's Elbow light has another deadly secret.

Now Max must find the real killer to keep two childhood friends from being framed for the crimes. All Max Hurlock mysteries are set in the s and are based on real-life cases from that era.

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    This Brazilian Island Has So Many Snakes, Humans Aren’t Allowed

    Cast your eye over the pictures taken from the garden crime scene. Spot anything? A closer look at the evidence from the woods might reveal something. There must be something in the evidence. Have we missed something? It's back!

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