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Does this seem odd to you? I have never seen the Hat Man, but at the age of 5 I knew he was comming for me. I dont know how I knew who he was. And the only dream I have ever had of him brought back feelings like I knew him, It freaked me out big time.

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I discribed the life long saga in another forum if intrested here it is. Spencer,, thats sounds very interesting, i will be reading your post,, ktm. Imagine the exsistance of this guy from his point of view, lol. KTM, hate to hear that about your daughter. Maybe you had seen him at some point before, but were only subconsciously aware of it?


Or, maybe the reverse — maybe it was prescience, like a memory of a future event, since you eventually met him. Tabbycat is seeing the same thing, too. The figure I saw might have had coat tails, but not a cape. Black figures in black hats. Not quite spiritual beings, necessarily, like guardian angels, but more like caretakers of the hidden cogs of our world, of which our lives sometimes intersect. I just wonder what John Keel would make of this. He passed away earlier this year.

His book, The Mothman Prophecies, dealt with a similar sort of being in a much more in-depth way than the movie. Wonderful writer. IDK I think there are more than one and like us some are good, bad even neutral….

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Jim, Abe Lincoln description with no features is very much spot on, it wasnt a top hat, but one of those stove pipe hats and elongated yes. I too wonder since these things seem to actually be around everywhere if your not right that its some other dimensional organization.. I saw a show on shadow people where they actually got a picture of a BUNCH of them together, apparently there woods some where in the US is full of them. It would be good to actually interview wittnesses and start collecting data on these things.

KTM, You know you have all my prayers! Your body may be weak but your heart, soul and spirit are stronger than any person I know! I know you trust is God and that is a good thing! He is there for us if we truly believe in him! I am here for you, and praying for you — always! Love and hugs and kisses and prayers! Can we stay on topic and NOT do a touchy feel good hugging session in this thread as well?

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THIS is a serious topic to me! KTM, You just keep your chin up. Have faith that all will be good. I know the last day or two you have been down, and probably not feeling your best, but know that better days are coming! Take care of yourself — maybe you need a mom visit. That always seems to brighten you up, and re-energize you. Life is so crazy, yet we just have to take it a moment at a time. You are always in my thoughts! Love ya right back! Hi Dar.. CT , dude, seriously are they just gonna hijack every thread to cyber hug one another??? What does any of this have to do with shadow people?

Im glad these folks are friends but this is just clutter imo!

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NimNod — Believe me I do feel you on this! I have had plans on trying to do something about this for awhile.

I do not want to offend anyone or hurt any feelings but this is getting too carried away. This is not a forum for discussing general topics and chit chatting, the comments really need to be about the story. For example here — someone submits a story wanting to get comments and feedback about the Shadow Man.

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They wind up with a lot of comments that have nothing to do with the story they sent in. You can even send private messages to each other. This has been nagging at me for awhile. Soon I will make a note by the comment submission box and I will try to deal with this. But please, for general chit chat and the like consider joining the forum.

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  4. yes he's wearing a top hat.
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  6. Well, all I can say is wow. DarStarr — do you disagree?

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    I think the forum is a much better place for general discussions and the like. Concur, and the decorum is much nicer, you should try it out! Hey, but it is what it is.

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    No worries. What do you mean by how it is setup? The format is a standard forum, but if you could give me an idea of what makes you uncomfortable I will try to address it if at all possible. I am ok with it. Thank you for being so kind and such a good caretaker. DarStarr, perhaps it will take some getting used to for those who arent familiar with forums but once you get the hang of it it is really easy. There are also a lot of sections such as general chat that only logged in members will see. No problem.

    Ok, now YOU are getting off subject! I sure am! And hey I have been guilty of joining in and taking the discussions off topic myself. But there are some changes coming up regarding policy on that so I want to let people know. I really appreciate all of you who frequent these pages and I dont want to offend anyones feelings in any way, but my task at hand is to steer this website TrueGhostTales back to the ghost stories.