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Ever had to pass a slower bicyclist in front of you? What do you […]. The Left Turn.

Eddie Fisher - I'm Walking Behind You Lyrics

Or The Right Turn in some countries! The safest U-locks are also the smallest U-locks. This prevents the thief from getting the lock in a better cut position or […]. It may not rain much, but one unprepared rainy day can spoil the fun […].

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As someone that wears a fairly strong prescription, I find it useful to consider my peripheral vision when picking out frames. Then again…..

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This is a great blog, very clear and interesting. I do look back but slightly.

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I like to stay front focused. I tried mirrors but I still ended up looking back.

RIGHT BEHIND SB | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

The greatness that comes from discovering who you really are. I thought it would be appropriate to write a song for those that deal with this dark sadness known as depression. I sat in my studio again and prayed to know what I should say. Do you know who you are? If there is a God and we are really on this earth for a reason, then who are we?

He has a plan for you and I. I do whole heartedly believe we are the literal Spirit Children of our Father in Heaven.

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The spirit inside that body of yours, that makes you alive, was created by Him. I want to share the fact that YOU are of great worth, and are loved by Him. You are made in His image. I will tell you a secret.

There is no other version of yourself, there is only the version sitting here right now. You are not behind or, for that matter, ahead : you are exactly where you are supposed to be. So take a deep breath and relax. Maybe you spent the last two weeks binge-watching six seasons of your favorite TV show. These things are neither good nor bad.