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After holding on to the mouthpiece for a few minutes, my jaw started to ache from clenching it and my mouth watered uncomfortably. I ended up with a lot of hair in my nose and eyes. My wife loves when I use this.

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There are stories about people being clawed or bitten, and lots of gag-gift purchases. Some are heartbreaking. I didn't care who laughed if it made my babies happy I would show everyone who laughed! Read: Why we think cats are psychopaths. As long as Nellie liked the Licki, I was inclined to at least occasionally deal with the discomfort of using it. My wife, once she finished laughing at me, suggested that I just hold the Licki and use it to groom the cat.

This felt like a betrayal of all the Licki represents. Nonetheless, I eventually gave in to necessity and neck pain, and Nellie seemed just as pleased and mothered when I held the Licki as when it was in my mouth. We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. David A. Perhaps Churchill did know it and was deflecting the question or having some fun at the expense of the questioner. Milander Member Hungary. So you're asking if a word used as slang 60 years ago in America is understood by British people today.

That's the bottom line, yes?

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Well, in fairness to you it would depend on how well read or how old the person you ask is. I understand it as I am both old and well read.

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Youngsters reading this are, I imagine, giggling like mad. Milander said:. I'll admit to a slight smile as I read the line "can you tell us when you think we may lick these boys. I'm still having trouble accepting that Churchill didn't know the meaning.

He wrote these words in The River War : The fugitives from the batteries, and small parties of Baggara horse who galloped about on the open plain between the works and the town, afforded good targets to the Maxims, and many were licked up even at extreme ranges. Engineer officers say we go at it again. Capt Peel who was wounded yesterday close to the ditch of the Redan says that it can be taken. He wrote these words in The River War :. I agree with you, Cuchuflete. The man had a public school education.

The one where we play the lick way too much - Gig Vlog #7

The word was in common usage during this time. The journalist supposed said, "Mr Minister, can you tell us when you think we may lick these boys? I would imagine that "licked up" could also be said to refer to the consuming effects of a fire or gunfire, in this case.

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Edwin and I have shared these screens long enough that I fully trust him to accurately report what's in the book: "Apparently Churchill didn't know what "lick" meant in this context. Perhaps a citation from the book itself could give us a better sense of whether it is credible on this point. The link worked fine. I think it was a "me no hablo englise". A pre-arranged stall tactic worked out in advance for a tough question. Churchill completely ran around the question in his answer- maybe the translator was whispering a good answer in his ear.

It might have been before the days of earpieces but not before the days of political advisors I'm sure. Just my opinion. I sure do. That is to say, I sure do share Lizzy's opinion. Churchill used what was obviously an Americanism. He was playing the audience.

I don't find grounds to agree with the author's interpretation. Imagine, if you can suspend disbelief for just a moment, and keep your politics to yourself, how a certain George might duck and dodge, bob and weave, if asked directly when the war in Iraq would end in victory.

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You are probably right! But I would like to hear from someone born in England around and educated at Harrow and Sandhurst. Hi Edwin You're right that Churchill could have been unable to hear the question or the word lick in particular but it was because Churchill was smart and savvy and because he had just answered numerous questions "mid-air" that I think otherwise. The translator could have been whispering, "These bloody Yanks ask too many questions", while giving Churchill time to think.

Stall tactics aren't necessarily devious. Giving away your war plan and projecting its length and outcome seem modern to me not the other way around.

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I'll be interested to hear the BE thoughts. Ask any head of state or head of government when a war, which has been going on for years, will come to a conclusive end. For starters, they probably do not know. Further, if they do have some fairly firm idea, they are not likely to inform the enemy of their estimate. Whether Churchill heard or understood the question properly doesn't change the likelihood that he would have evaded it. I understand this meaning of "lick", but I don't think it is heard very often over here.