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See Related Content News tab below to see highlighted news. You can also follow us on Social Media:. Alongshore sediment bypassing rocky headlands remains understudied despite the importance of characterizing littoral processes for erosion abatement, beach management, and climate change adaptation.

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To address this gap, a numerical model sediment transport study was developed to identify controlling factors and mechanisms for sediment headland Pervasive and sustained coral diseases contribute to the systemic degradation of reef ecosystems, however, to date an understanding of the physicochemical controls on a coral disease event is still largely lacking. Water circulation and residence times and submarine groundwater discharge all determine the degree to which reef organisms are exposed Submarine canyons provide globally important conduits for sediment and organic carbon transport into the deep-sea.

Using a novel dataset from Monterey Canyon, offshore central California, that includes an extensive array of water column sampling devices, we address how fine-grained sediment and organic carbon are transported, mixed, fractionated, Search Search.

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