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The app was created for lung cancer patients, family caregivers, and support team members to manage life after a lung cancer diagnosis. It helps you understand your diagnosis and provides tools and forums for asking questions, detailing symptoms, and managing medications. The app is a great way to communicate with your healthcare providers and to request support from friends and family. One of the unique features of the Lyfe app is the Community section. It allows patients and support-givers to share their stories, ask questions and connect with others who are dealing with similar circumstances—locally, nationally and around the world.

Lyfe has insightful articles providing practical tips designed to help during all stages of the patient experience. It also includes information geared specifically to friends and family members who are providing help and support during this challenging time. App to help people to read who have lost their central vision, for example through Macular Disease.

The line of text scrolls horizontally from left to right and the reader aims to hold their gaze away from the line to view it with their best region of vision. The trackpad is used to control the speed of the text. Try holding your vision still steady eye and let the text move. Both Eccentric Viewing and the steady eye strategies take practice but can be well worth the effort.

Reading in this way will require some practice and familiarity with Eccentric Viewing.

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You can find books from gutenberg. The app means you can keep information about your medicines in one place and it also allows you to share information with family and friends. It lists my medications, and gives a very audible reminder, even when in silent mode. It is a USA-based app, though, and it is also not very easy to use.

If I want to skip a dose, for instance, it keeps reminding me I need to take the dose, even if I want to skip it. Data are immediately submitted to a central data platform; users of the platform can see and analyse the aggregated data in real time. The platform will collect rich demographic and epidemiology data across all stages of disease, treatment, and beyond.

Initially, the platform with collect data on quality of life in people living with and being treated for melanoma in the real-world setting. This study will help us to understand how people feel during what has become routine treatment, and afterwards. The pilot stage will collect data in the UK but we plan to extend data collection globally. Participants benefit from monitoring and recording how they feel, and the platform provides a convenient way for them to share their data with friends, family and healthcare professionals.

Development of this platform has been collaborative: at the recent UK Melanoma Patient Conference, we canvassed future participants on the functionalities that they would have used. Based on this extremely positive feedback, features such as a daily pain diary, knowledge centre, consultation checklists and events timeline have been built into the platform.

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Data will be available free of charge to academic researchers, and through a subscription service to industry. Share the Mito Warrior app with one of your friends to see who can restore power to the mitoverse and to learn more about mitochondrial disease! Now I can test in the morning at home…I can test myself on the train going up and down from London…. The App was initiated, designed and developed by patients for patients. Aims to provide the user with new perspectives on the task of managing inflammatory bowel disease IBD. When you or a loved one are first diagnosed, it's not uncommon to feel alone and uncertain of where to find the best information and people that can help you now.

We believe in making it easy to find the best people around you to help you get the answers you need, and to find support from people who can truly relate. The main currency on our site is trust — the more you share in posts and your stories, the more questions you ask and answer, the more your support will be valued by other members. Help the user to reach diet, weight-loss and fitness goals whether losing, maintaining or gaining weight by tracking daily exercise and daily calorific, fat, carbohydrate, and protein intake.

Stay up-to-date with access to fresh peer-reviewed research that have been made available and open-source. Connect with all the NMO support groups that meet in person as well as online or through telecons. Blood samples and clinical data are vital for NMO research. In addition to native VoiceOver ability, you can modify font size and font thickness with accessibility settings.

Lifestyle planner for managing changes in nutrition and exercise regimes—one potential aim of which might be slowing the progression of diabetes, for instance. Aims to help people on oral anticoagulant therapy OAT to monitor and control their medication routine.

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And afterwards you can keep an eye on how much you have used and when. When you add a new product, enter the brand name of the manufacturer, what type of product it is plate, bag, etc. Then you can enter and specify when using a new bag, sheet etc. All the products you added to the app will appear on a list. Then you just cross which product you use, and then the app keeps track of the day you changed and how much you've left.

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The app will even remind you when you are running out and stores contact information on the manufacturers so you can easily order new. Otsimo is a bundled platform which contains Otsimo Child and Otsimo Family apps. The patientMpower app works on any smartphone or tablet device like an iPad. The idea is that you use your mobile phone to keep a diary of various symptoms and other factors related to your lung health. For example, you can keep track of the number of steps walked each day or your level of breathlessness.

If you have a connected spirometer, the breathing test information will also be recorded and the app can be used as a reminder to take your medicines each day. When attending clinic appointments, it may be useful to have this type of information to hand so you can tell the doctor or nurse about issues that may have been troubling you. App to help patients manage their electronic health records, including for kidney disease, diabetes and Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD.

Demonstrates how to perform a series of exercises intended to ease and prevent pain and discomfort in muscles and joints. You can view your history and trends…The history shows how you did on different tests and the trends show your baseline, performance, PD symptoms, fatigue and medication over time… enabling you to continually monitor your performance with respect to when you took medication for example.

Pedometer tracks steps taken, speed achieved, laps covered, distance traveled, and calories burned. App to enable people to exercise pelvic floor muscles to maintain or improve bladder control, and exercise safely. The Pelvic Floor First app has customised workouts for people of all fitness levels and pelvic floor strength. The wide range of exercises have been designed by a physiotherapist and fitness leader to ensure people enjoy the benefits of a total-body workout that protects their pelvic floor muscles. The wide range of exercises have been designed by physiotherapist and fitness leader Lisa Westlake to ensure people enjoy the benefits of a total-body workout that protects their pelvic floor muscles.

PTSD Coach provides service members, veterans, their friends and families with dependable resources they can trust. Many service members who experience PTSD symptoms can benefit from care and support, but some fear that they may be considered weak or that leaders or unit members might lose confidence in their abilities if they seek care. The information available through the PTSD Coach app can help service members and their loved ones overcome those concerns and obtain accurate information about PTSD and find the support they need.

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Allows carers, family and friends to form a network, keeping in touch to arrange the care of a person or patient who needs help. Already available to 7 million people in the UK. She can offer one-to-one help in setting up an account and is also available to give talks and demonstrations of the website to groups. Please get in touch to arrange a visit or for more information. Provides information on how to carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR , with a particular emphasis on aiding victims of choking. Restaurant guide that allows the user to track restaurant meals eaten, and to view nutritional information on the 60,plus food items held in the menus of over restaurants.

It is very important for young people with RA to have an overview and take control of the symptoms, and in combination with the buddy-feature, the app has a huge potential of becoming enormous beneficial not only for the individual patient but also contributing to a much better program of treatment. We are very proud of this project. Seeing AI combines the functionality of these predecessors with that of optical character recognition OCR apps that scan and read text aloud.

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The free, easy-to-use app can scan and read formatted text, learn and recognise faces, scan barcodes to identify products, and interpret general scenes. The range of features and its accuracy are remarkable — but what impresses me most is the simple, intuitive way in which the app is controlled. With my previous favourite OCR app, you had to hold the phone above a document and then capture it by pressing a shutter button with your other hand: no mean feat, even for the most dextrous of us. You got what you snapped.

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With Seeing AI, however, you receive verbal hints that tell you whether the camera can see the entire document. And there is no need to wrestle with your phone to keep it steady while hitting the shutter button: the app automatically takes the photo for you. If you think that the scene description mode is good, then wait until you try the facial recognition setting!

Not only can Seeing AI learn familiar faces, but it will also interpret moods and predict ages. The product scanner is a great help in the supermarket too. Later versions of the app also include banknote detection, handwriting recognition, and modes to gauge light levels or identify colours. As ever, the app is not perfect, but it is rapidly becoming the must-have app of the year.

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Use these gifs to help you achieve our NAMI mission to curestigma through awareness, support, education and advocacy for people affected by mental illness.