Manual Shaping Urban Infrastructures: Intermediaries and the Governance of Socio-Technical Networks

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Burdett and P. London, LSE Cities. London School of Economics. Africa's cities: Opening doors to the world, The World Bank. Magdahl, J. From privatisation to corporatisation: exploring the strategic shift in neoliberal policy on urban water services. Murthy, Sharmila L Int'l L. Rode, Philipp Ethiopia's Railway Revolution. Urban Age Developing Urban Futures.

Townsend, Anthony M. Travers, Tony UN Habitat Vasconcellos, Eduardo : Urban transport, environment, and equity: the case for developing countries. Earthscan Publications. Additionally, each group member must write a personal reflection on their contribution in no more than words, and should include specific details of the student's contributions to the project.

The course will be taught during the lent and summer terms through hands-on team based workshops.

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Students will be expected to produce 1 essay in the ST. Prepare a word brief for your project indicating key deliverables. Albrechts, Luis : Strategic spatial planning re-examined. London : Routledge p. Whither 'earthly' architectures: constructing sustainability Guy, S. Designing fluid futures: hybrid transitions to sustainable architectures Guy, S. Using sociotechnical methods: researching human-technological dynamics in the city Guy, S. Pragmatic ecologies: situating sustainable building Guy, S. Conclusions: the transformative power of intermediaries Marvin, S. Deep green or white hot?

Fluid architectures: ecologies of hybrid urbanism Guy, S. Wilfrid Laurier University Press p. Innovation to intermediaries: translating the EU urban wastewater directive Beveridge, R. London : Taylor and Francis p. Electronic ISBN: Intermediaries and the reconfiguration of urban infrastructures: an introduction Moss, T.

Making morality: sustainable architecture and the pragmatic imagination Farmer, G.

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Reinterpreting regulations: architects as intermediaries for zero carbon buildings Fischer, J. Shaping urban infrastructures: intermediaries and the governance of socio-technical networks Guy, S. Smart meters as obligatory intermediaries: reconstructing environmental action Marvin, S. Re-interpreting regulations: architects as intermediaries for low-carbon buildings Fischer, J. Governing through translations: intermediaries and the mediation of the EU's urban waste water directive Beveridge, R.

Powering our lives: sustainable energy management and the built environment Guy, S.

Commissioned report. STS and the city: politics and practices of hope Coutard, O. Back to the future?

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Senses and the city Adams, M. Sustainable architecture and the pluralist imagination Guy, S. Constructing sustainable urban futures: from models to competing pathways Marvin, S. ISBN: , Designing urban knowledge: competing perspectives on energy and buildings Guy, S. Urban properties: spaces, places and the property business Guy, S.

London : Palgrave p. Cultures of architecture and sustainability Guy, S. Multiple pathways to sustainable transport futures: experts, users and the planning process Guy, S. Profil p. Sustainable architectures: critical explorations of green buiding practice in Europe and North America Guy, S. The rise of the eco-preneur and the messy world of environmental innovation Beveridge, R.

Consumption, energy and the environment Guy, S. Elsevier 10 p. Hybrid environments: the spaces of sustainable design Farmer, G. Abingdon : Routledge p.

Shaping Urban Infrastructures: Intermediaries and the Governance of Socio-technical Networks

Reflection and engagement: towards pluralist practices of sustainable architecture Guy, S. Shadow architectures: war, memories, and Berlin's futures Graham, S. Oxford : Blackwell p. Current status of water sector restructuring in Slovakia Beveridge, R.

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  • Bridging the divide? Development cultures and urban regeneration Guy, S. Development and developers: perspectives on property Guy, S. Interpreting green design: beyond performance and ideology Farmer, G. Reinterpreting sustainable architecture: the place of technology Guy, S. Views of the city: multiple pathways to sustainable transport futures Evans, R. Understanding urban development processes: integrating the economic and the social in property research Guy, S. A sociology of energy, buildings and the environment: constructing knowledge, designing practice Guy, S.

    Locating sustainability: competing visions of urban technology Farmer, G. Urban infrastructure in transition: networks, buildings, plans Guy, S. Understanding sustainable cities: competing urban futures Guy, S. Towards a new logic of transport planning? Marvin, S. Pathways of smart metering development: shaping environmental innovation Marvin, S. Cities, regions and privatised utilities Marvin, S.

    Making a difference: sociology of scientific knowledge and urban energy policies Evans, R. Infrastructure provision, development processes and the co-production of environmental value Marvin, S.

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    Consuming water: evolving strategies of water management in Britain Marvin, S. Property in a global-risk society: towards marketing research in the office sector Guy, S. Splintering networks: cities and technical networks in s Britain Guy, S.

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    • Splintering networks: cities and technical networks in s Britain Graham, S. The new energy managers? Browse Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Professor Simon Guy Professor Profile Simon began his career as an engineer before beginning his academic life pursuing studies in the humanities and cultural sociology. PhD Supervision Interests I have successfully supervised a variety of inter-disciplinary PhD projects in the field of urbanism and socio-technical-ecological change and am happy to discuss proposals that connect to my field.

      Conceptualizing “Smart Cities”

      Show less. Publications Projects Activities. Chapter Reflections on a policy denouement: the politics of mainstreaming zero-carbon housing Walker, G. Journal article District heating comes to Ecotown: scaling and powering zero carbon housing Guy, S. Chapter Zero carbon homes and zero carbon living: sociomaterial interdependencies in carbon governance Walker, G. Journal article Conditioning demand: older people, thermal comfort and low-carbon housing Guy, S. Editorial Embodied thermal environments: an examination of older-people's sensory experiences in a variety of residential types Henshaw, V.

      Journal article Fluid engagements: responding to the co-evolution of poverty and climate change in Dhaka, Bangladesh Jabeen, H. Book The financial entanglements of local energy projects Rydin, Y. Journal article Climate change and the city: building capacity for urban adaptation Carter, J.