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Industrial as a cure for oppressive conditions. Unyielding beneath all who seek to bind and control them. Faithful until they conquer the fear of death and rise to great acts of heroism and service. Mormons and Steampunks are two faces of the same coin. Twelve authors spin tales of true believers facing impossible odds, risking this life in the hope of gaining something better after. Mormon Battalion soldiers fight an airship, a bounty hunter crosses Porter Rockwell, cultists attempt to reanimate Brigham Young, and missionaries run into Cthulhu.

These are just a few of the amazing tales by award winning, bestselling, and premier authors— D. Butler, John M.

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Olsen, Steven L. Peck, Elizabeth Mueller, Scott E. Payne, and Lee Allred. It tells the story of an android helping the last Empress of France escape the country during the fall of the Second French Empire.

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Lastly, Cyn Bagley is releasing an updated and revised version of Hero of Corsindor on 4 January In the kingdom of Corsindor, the prince is lost, the king is dead, and the queen is holding the reins of government against disloyal nobles. They want a puppet to consolidate their power over the land.

The queen has only one ally, who is not human. There are rumors that the borders have been closed. As a person? I connect these two transitions because in each you are moving to a new terrain and a transformation occurs. I did not make this change consciously. I understood what happened in retrospect. Becoming a mother to twins means the time to create art shrank considerably, and it became so completely fragmented that my films became fragmented, turning instead into photographs on the wall, writings, mini-films, and lectures.

It was like somebody stepped on me, like you step on a bug, and everything flew all over the walls and instead of a film you get these fragmented, yet still connected, pieces. SHIRA : There are many, but my main purpose was to create a very large scale monument to this transition into motherhood. I live in Israel and noticed that the only mentioning of the birth process in the bible is —actually- a curse: In sorrow ye shall bear sons Genesis I wanted a blessing—a celebration for this humongous achievement!

تفاصيل ال٠نتج

Our culture celebrates several transitions: a Bar Mitzvah or a Bat Mitzvah celebrates the transition from childhood to adulthood. Then there are weddings to celebrate the transition from being single to being a couple. The Mother, Daughter, and Holy Spirit is a powerful monument that celebrates and acknowledges the meaning and depth of this transition. One of the central questions The Mother, Daughter, and Holy Spirit asks is why textures and topographies that we consider beautiful in nature, we see as hideous and ugly on our own bodies.

My photographs of the "secret hidden" part of a women's body look like a bird's eye view of the Sahara from an airplane although they are of a scarred, stretched Skin.

See a Problem?

Women—especially mothers—are treated the same way western culture treats nature. The fight should be for supporting us, our health, our rights—not for an external land. Then, before I show my work to the world, I start showing it around to friends. If it causes other people to share their own stories, it's a sign the work has universal qualities, and thus a purpose in the outer world.

The Mother, Daughter, and Holy Spirit acted like a zipper. Women opened up and their stories started pouring out. It even affected the professionals with whom I work. They worked with women and they see this crinkled skin every day. For instance, after a long silent pause a plastic surgeon said to me, "You know, I never really thought about the meaning of it all.

Yesterday I was at a funeral of a woman who died in child labor.

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How another woman mothers, looks, or dresses, what or how she eatswe are always monitoring and judging other women. Societal and social expectations do this to us. Instead of measuring each other like that and becoming accomplices in the patriarchal measuring system, my work questions the bigger context. Does society give women what they need in order for them to mother well? Does Israel, a leading country in subsidizing fertility treatments really value this baby once it's born?

It shows how Israel is governed by the same global economical system, which does not count producing and sustaining a life as valuable. SHIRA: Israel is connected to western mass media and therefore suffers from the same maladies as other cultures; the images of motherhood that surround us are very sweet and perfect. A mother is usually used to sell advertise toilet paper, diapers, baby formula, or the next line of food products, and her own voice is rarely heard.

The occasion was my work in an exhibit on the subject of postpartum depression. IMOW: What was your own experience like when you had your twins?

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Did you experience depression or feel like there was nobody to help or support you through all the shock and confusion? SHIRA: I have been very active and very vocal and I am not alone in the world in the idea that postpartum depression does not exist. This statement may initially offend women who have suffered through postpartum depression.

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  4. What I mean is something different, however. On the contrary—the suffering is very real. I am trying to say that what happens to her postpartum has less to do with the woman's hormones and personality and more to do with how the world around her treats her. I did not experience postpartum depression because of my feminist consciousness. It is not that I did not have a hard time; I had an excruciatingly hard time.

    I had absolutely no family support. Depression means you depress your feelings, I did not. I knew I was entitled to my feelings and I knew my partner was entitled to his feelings. I had compassion for him and what he was going through as well. Most countries do not have systems that support women and their families as they should. SHIRA : As part of my political activism for equality between the sexes I am currently leading, together with other activist groups and individuals, an initiative to include gender studies in the main educational system from kindergarten and onward.

    In my view this seems the best "public health" solution to so many of our gender identity problems in the world. I am passionate about this because knowledge saves lives. I know, because this brand of knowledge saved mine. Also, looking at this really weird thing of bringing life forth from your body and then seeing how it grows into an individual, brings awe.

    You see the power of life which does not stop at you and me; it is much bigger than us. It is so strong that it comes out of cracks, out of devastation and ruin. It is a force that will live and it will continue to grow.