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Part 1 discusses the chronic diseases of aging, and the frailty syndrome that accompanies them, which are now thought to be the norm. Causes include diet, lifestyle, accumulated stress and pharmaceutical side effects. New research indicates that aging is a condition treatable with broad-reaching, multi-adaptive health-promoting botanical and nutritional medicine. These are discussed in Part 2. Mind exercises and challenges can help and so can herbs. This presentation includes descriptions of kid-friendly ways to use herbs to cultivate focus and attention, including food recipes, beverages, aromas and therapeutic preparations to support brain health, for short and long-term applications in kids of all ages.

Nutritive Herbs: Essential Therapeutics for a Nutrient-Deprived World Paul Bergner Mineral and trace element components of medicinal plants are the forgotten constituents in contemporary herbalism, yet they are essential in an overall therapeutic plan for the exhausted and malnourished patient.

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This presentation covers the roles of mineral and trace elements in maintaining health, their disappearance from the American diet in the last fifty years, and presents forms and recipes from the materia medica to assist in their restoration. Although it is abundant in many areas, it is still locally overharvested.

Learn about sustainability techniques to preserve this wild medicine, and investigate the medicinal qualities of this revered plant. Make an antiviral respiratory syrup with take-home samples. Botanical and nutritional medicine have been proven to support the preservation, protection and restoration of health.

Recent data are presented on specific biological age-related biomarkers including telomerase, inflammation, oxidation free radical damage , hormones, blood, lymph and oxygen , stagnation and specific nutrient deficiencies that are associated with health decline and chronic disease, along with botanical and nutritional therapies to help reverse the decline. Useful Syndromes from Chinese Herbalism for the Western Herbalist Paul Bergner The therapeutic paradigms of Chinese syndrome patterns may at first seem irrelevant or difficult to apply for the Western herbalist. Chinese medicine offers a language which enables the recognition of patterns universally present in patients in the West.

This allows the Western herbalist to more intelligently address these imbalances with our own traditional Western methods.

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Herbal treatments for Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause Katie Stage, ND Genitourinary syndrome of menopause describes a group of symptoms commonly occurring during menopause, including vaginal dryness and pain, prolapse, incontinence, and bladder infections. This presentation contrasts non-drug, herbal and lifestyle treatments with pharmaceutical protocols. Learn a few critical first aid gems using sports and kinesiology tape, as well as a short demonstration on closed-tissue injury poultices.

Herbal protocols that help the body move more quickly through the inflammation and proliferation stages of wound healing are also presented. The first part of this presentation illustrates the antiviral and immune modulatory effects of varying Echinacea extracts in vitro and discusses therapeutic implications in relation to antihistamines and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals.

The second section presents findings on the active constituents and physiological responses associated with Astragalus membranaceus , including immune cell activation, inflammatory responses and blood pressure modulation, compared to conventional pharmaceuticals including immune adjuvants and antiviral immune therapeutic drugs interferon, interleukins etc. The Obesity Epidemic: Hormonal and Metabolic Disruption as Underlying Causes Kenneth Proefrock, ND A segment of the populaiton experiences persistent weight gain or inability to lose weight that proves unrelated to their dietary and exercise habits.

These are the people who have a regular schedule of aerobic exercise and weight training, are consuming a low carbohydrate, moderate fat and higher protein diet and are still unable to alter their body fat.

Herbal Folklore: Nettle by Guido Masé

The solution for many of these patients begins with an understanding of the relationship between the digestive system and the nervous and hormonal systems of the body, and botanical medicine and nutritional strategies born from an understanding of the body and the mind as a whole unit. Different classes of migraines demand different treatment strategies, and starting with a diagnostic evaluation, the presentation covers botanicals for each unique type of migraine, along with dietary, nutritional and physical therapy recommendations.

After sitting attuning with one plant in the garden and discussing our various experiences, we will, as a group, make an essence with that species. Participants may take home a stock bottle of that essence if desired.

Learn to identify the medicinal plants of the desert and how to use them for medicine. Botanicals and selected nutrients can work with immunotherapy to enhance effectiveness and mitigate side effects. Discover their unique medicinal qualities, learn sustainable harvesting techniques and the best medicine preparation. It damages cells and tissues, disrupts cell-signaling networks, and can predispose a person to autoimmune conditions or other chronic disease.

Chronic inflammation is implicated in the pathogenesis of many conditions including atherosclerosis, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD , cancer, stroke, chronic pain, periodontal disease, neurodegenerative conditions and cardiovascular disease. Inflammation and pain are nearly always associated with each other. This lecture investigates the subjective nature of pain, its relation to inflammation, and the treatment of inflammation and pain with traditional Chinese medicine principles and herbs, supported by the latest biomedical research.

Herbs for Restoring Gut Mucosal Health and Function Mary Bove, ND Restoration of the gut mucosa and intestinal barrier with botanicals can offer specific support for mucosal immunity, cell regeneration and encouraging a healthy biome. Mucosal barrier and secretions are compromised with food allergies, stress, inflammatory gut issues and many systemic diseases. This presentation describes specific botanicals, their application and use in restoring mucosal immunity and health.

Discusses traditional use, more science-based use and clinical applications in case histories. This class discusses the latest findings on the underlying causes of depression and anxiety. Learn to differentiate and appropriately treat the many different types of depression and anxiety including hepatic and GI based depression, hormonal depression, stagnant depression, old age-induced depression , panic disorder, GI based anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder. In this workshop, John demonstrates the basics of lacto-fermentation, wild yeast starters, and a step-by-step process to achieve unique, tasty, and healthful combinations from a variety of fruits.

We look at some of the healing properties of fruits as they transform through the process of fermentation. Herbs can also be utilized in various forms during the fermentation process, including traditional preparations of mugwort, yarrow and hops. Early diagnosis and withdrawal of the offending agent are the first steps for the prevention of drug-induced dementia and delirium.

Most of the clinical circumstances that result in the prescription of a potentially toxic drug can be addressed through lifestyle changes, botanical medicine and nutritional intervention. Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Jill Stansbury, ND Nerve damage in advanced diabetes is a stubborn problem and one with few effective remedies. This presentation explores vascular and neuroprotective herbs to consider for neuropathy, and details current research on herbal medicines to include in therapeutic strategies. Biofilms and Botanical Medicine Sam Coffman The discovery of biofilms has opened a new frontier in understanding the health of the human body.

Biofilms function in ways that can be beneficial or harmful. They play a role in antibiotic resistance, chronic infection and even chronic inflammation.

Sacred Moon Herbs – A Holistic Healing Oasis

Botanical medicine offers a number of possibilities to disrupt biofilms, which are presented in case studies on infections in the gut, urinary tract and respiratory tract. Many samples, all from the SCNM herb garden, are provided for tasting and experiencing this concept of herbal formulation.

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Opiate use actually heightens pain, necessitating larger and larger doses. Cessation triggers a landslide of neurologic consequences from sweating, to nausea and vomiting, to agonizing physical discomfort, and mental and emotional irritability. Herbs can do wonders to soothe this brutal process; Dr. Stansbury shares her protocol for withdrawal. The Role of Bitter Herbs for a Healthy Microbiome Mary Bove, ND Bitter herbs and the bitter action are central to herbal medicine and to optimizing digestive function while supporting a healthy microbiome.

The role of the bitter action is applicable in many digestive conditions including gastric ulcer, IBD, SIBO, indigestion, food allergies and leaky gut.

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This class looks at the application of bitter herbs, specific bitter herbs and active constituents, along with microbiome support and health. Case history examples are included. Preventing Adulterants in Our Botanical Medicine Mark Blumenthal In this lecture, Mark describes the sources of botanical adulterants and the herbs where they are most often found, with remedies for the future. He also speaks about the new Sustainable Herbs Program, which is dedicated to making the source and processing of botanicals more transparent. Differences between hydrosols, essential oils and steeped teas are included.

The presence of toxic indoor molds with accompanying bacterial overgrowth is clearly detrimental to human health. Here we discuss the idea that mold-related illness exists in multiple facets; it is not simply a transient mucosal irritation with increased risk of asthma onset or exacerbation. The varying effects can include neurological symptoms, skin rashes, irritation of the mucous membranes, and long-term exposure can lead to development of multiple chemical sensitivities. Naturopathic techniques to reduce or remove the associated symptoms are presented.

This session discusses various preparations of chocolate and their specific benefits for cardiometabolic and respiratory conditions, in contrast to commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals for these conditions. We also explore sustainability and quality issues of chocolate in commerce. Samples provided.

Growing Herbs in North Texas

Nutrition in the Herbal Paradigm Paul Bergner Dietetics and nutrition have long been essential elements of a therapeutic plan for medical herbalists. Individual macro and micronutrients may be viewed as possessing actions identical to those of medicinal plants, such as tonic, adaptogenic, antispasmodic, immunomodulating, anti-inflammatory etc. We discuss nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other special nutrients in terms of what their actions would be if they were plants.

Paul Bergner is the Director of the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism in Portland, Oregon, where he offers seminar training in clinical skills, medical herbalism, nutrition, and nature cure.