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Gentleman Guide: How To Hug A Girl Properly Like A Boss

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Volume Thomas C. Horace Samuel Merrill.


University of Maryland. Oxford Academic. Google Scholar. Cite Citation. Permissions Icon Permissions. Article PDF first page preview. Issue Section:. You do not currently have access to this article. Download all figures. Sign in. You could not be signed in. Girls love the ability to look into your eyes and see how much you love her. The next time you see your girlfriend try this type of hug out.

Also known as the Straddle Hug, this involves your girlfriend sitting directly on your lap facing the opposite way. You should use this type of hug when you are trying to get things started in the bedroom. The girl in question will usually start this type of hug so that she can build emotional trust while getting frisky. This hugging position leaves both of you vulnerable and open to any kind of physical contact.

Maybe the girl giving you this type of hug will be your girlfriend! Do the sitting hug for your girl. Wedding day for these hotties!!

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The Around the Waist is another form of intimate hug that should have you and your girlfriend connecting on another level. Your girl is allowing you to take control of her center of gravity. This leaves the girl in a very vulnerable and open position. Much like the lingering hug, this hug allows you to face your girlfriend and talk while hugging.

This type of hug is brilliant for initiating a private conversation or moment. Like good hugs, bad hugs can be a powerful way to tell somebody how uncomfortable you are with making physical contact.

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Not only can somebody give you a bad hug, you too can communicate discomfort or awkwardness by utilizing these different types of hugs. If you encounter a hug like this, make sure to disengage and not make anybody uncomfortable. Once again, adjust for taller or shorter girls.

Everybody has been subjected to this type of hug before. This happens between people who definitely do not want to touch each other but are afraid to be rude.

The quick hug is the complete opposite of a warm embrace. If you ever receive a hug like this, it means that the person is touching you out of obligation. Take that as a sign and leave! He or she doesn't want to hug you. Who wants that now??

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The A hug is named so because of the shape that the two people awkwardly embracing create with their bodies. This is the type of hug that you give someone that you think is absolutely repulsive. It is definitely a step above the Quickie in terms of negative vibes and feeling. The girl in question or your girlfriend that you have been fighting with will be leaning her entire body away from the hug. This hug is usually given to the weird family member or teacher.

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The Lean is something that is seen very frequently at parties or family gatherings. The girl or girlfriend will hug the man partially, exposing only one side of her body. This signifies a reluctance to be open and vulnerable. Various versions of this hug can be seen with taller and shorter people, but it is always done with one shoulder. The girl is pretty much telling you no by using her shoulder as a shield. Next up are a few tips and tricks to improve your hugging game.

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These tips will definitely make hugging more comfortable for the girl you are interested in. Girls will love how warm and secure your arms feel. Your girlfriend might appreciate it too!