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Thanks for setting me straight Marie! The life priorities: 1. Peace and love 2. Create a positive life experience for my family 3. Maintain a healthy and fit body that can carry me through adventures and difficult times 4. Live authentically, spiritually 5. So true. I have to do a spring cleaning every once in a while and see what still needs to get some of my attention.

Girl, we are totally on the same wave-length! When I reframe, I will see a more focused and productive work day. Plus more time to be really present with my fam. Here is my priority list:. Enjoying fun activities with friends. Eating healthy, whole foods and moving my body 4.


Traveling and observing different cultures. Connecting; spiritual practices like being in nature, journaling, being grateful. I love your post today. I did notice that I seem to put the same things over and over on my list.

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And the stuff that makes it on every list are things that I keep postposning or do not particularly like to do. Making the top 5 priorities list will help me realize what is important and do my best to complete the items that belong on that list. Thanks Marie for once again delivering the goods! Admittedly, I felt a little guilty for not making it to the post office, but your message today helped me re-congratulate myself for getting so many other things done. Today is another day and hey, I might make even make it to the post office!

I think Casa de Luna is due for an eCation ourselves. This was a great video, but not in a business sense. Hello, 3 extra hours in my day! But, I find the same repetitive thoughts regarding relationships to still be a problem. I find myself on a roller coaster of needing alone time and wanting people time, and my people time rarely matches up to when people are available to hang out with. Any thoughts on what to tell yourself in that case? This video, and one of the comments above, prompted a sweet epiphany.

As a bodyworker, I know that in order to keep myself in good shape to give to my clients I need to receive bodywork myself. It just occurred to me that as a coach, I also need to continue to receive coaching in order to stay focused and fresh. I, too, am currently enrolled in B-School, and am deeply benefitting from the program.

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I never imagined that business strategies could be completely aligned with my integrity. I so needed this! Thank you Marie! Thanks for a very succint and workable approach to having a life you are inspired by. Hi Marie, These videos are awesome. WHere is the submission spot for these and how backed up are you on these. I would love to know how you choose these?

I always laugh at your intros. It really works too!

6. Give up complaining

It finally burnt me out and I quit. Now I allow my thoughts to go where ever they want to — totally novel experience. There are no priorities just moments and I love them all. I think I might break it down like Polly did. Hey there Marie! Totally synchronized with my last few weeks of crazy, busy, where-the-hell-did my time go?! Putting things into perspective definitely felt like a weight lifted today. Thanks a bunch! Your wisdom is such a blessing. Marie, Guuuuurrrrrrrllllllll!

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Love, happiness, peace of mind 2. Family, Friends, and dog 3. Business 4. I did spend time on all of these during the course of the last month. I love how you take the brains reoccurring thoughts and make it simpler for your audience to grasp it, and encourage us to take control back for better self talk. Great video and wise advice! I always find your videos encouraging and uplifting as well as relevant. Thank you for posting this, I needed it! Boy, I have some work to do. What I value most and where I spend my time certainly is unbalanced.

This video was super helpful in making that voice in my head shut up. Thank you for posting it! Marie, Awesome stuff as usual! Im a huge fan of affirmations, Marie. They are so simple and so powerful! And those priorities are really tough to number, actually. This is an excellent way to get honest with yourself. What a coincidence- or maybe not such a coincidence! Time to reframe things a little bit and be more aware of them! This was from a few days ago but just got to watch it now … and I needed it now.

10 Powerful Ways to Stand Up for Yourself in Any Situation

I just did a massive overhaul of my life in a great way by getting really honest with myself and cutting some mind clutter and life clutter out: quit a project that was eating time, not paying. Totally at peace with the changes I made clearing what was holding me back, but feeling oddly scared and hesitant about taking bold action to propel myself FORWARD?

What up with that? Makes me feel like a lazy loser. Not a fan of that! But inspiration is no good without action and I need to get better about the action part on my other life priorities. You nailed this one on the head Marie! Settings priorities and sticking with them is awesome advice, whenever it comes. The nitty-gritty of re-framing ones thoughts is the real kicker though. Thanks again, Buff. Time Management is sooooo important.

Thanks for the Deepak quote and info. I just followed him on twitter. Great Reframe exercise, I will get on it next week when I have more time……… I mean right now! Girl, you were right on with this video. Thank you SO much Marie for the reminders….. And, here are my priorities: 1. Spending time moving my body outside gardening, hike, ride bike. Time to make that shift…. This really struck a chord with me Marie! I used to always stress about not getting enough done.

Why are you receiving the silent treatment?

I came to realize that the great majority of them, and all of the negative ones, were simply that little voice in my head spewing crap again. Once I deprived those thoughts of their power, and focused on the fact that everything is ALWAYS exactly as it should be, my stress levels have plummeted.

Love it Marie! Thanks as always!

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