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Some men feel uncomfortable discussing sexual concerns with others. However,your health care team can answer questions,refer you to a specialist and help you find solutions.

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Some survivors may decide to wait for a while after treatment before having sex. Others may be ready right away. There is growing evidence that staying sexually active,especially having erections regularly after cancer treatment,may help men avoid worse problems as time passes. There are ways to prepare physically and emotionally for having sex again. Here are some signs that it is time to talk to your health care provider about sexual functioning after cancer treatment:.

All of your physical and emotional concerns are important. Prepare talk with your health care provider. Write down questions and concerns about your sexual health before your medical appointments. If needed,ask for a referral to another health care professional who specializes in this area. Certain types of cancer,such as those that affect organs in the pelvis,may put survivors at risk for problems.

These include prostate cancer and cancers of the bladder,colon,or rectum. Men treated for prostate cancer have higher rates of dysfunction--up to 75 to 85 percent. Sexual functioning challenges can become more common in men as they get older.

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For example,about half of men without a cancer history will experience erection problems by age This means that older male survivors may experience sexual functioning problems later in life that are not related to cancer or the treatment they received. Other factors can also affect sexual functioning. For example,men are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction if they are overweight,smoke,or drink heavily.

In addition,other health problems like heart disease,high blood pressure,kidney disease or diabetes may also affect a man's erections. The emotional effects of cancer may contribute to survivors feeling anxious,depressed or self-conscious. This can also create stress for a partner. In some cases,the result may be challenges with sexual functioning.

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Working with a licensed mental health professional to deal with these types of emotions is often very helpful. The following table lists some of the possible causes of sexual dysfunction and issues that can be discussed with your health care team:. After treatment,you can work with your health care provider after pelvic surgery or radiation therapy to try medical treatments that promote erections in order to optimize the chance of maintaining or recovering good sexual function.

Counseling,medical treatments and surgery are all options to treat cancer-related sexual problems in men. Below are treatment options for erectile dysfunction along with some the pros and cons.

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Talk with your health care team about the best options for you. Your health care team can help you learn more about how to treat concerns and improve your ability to enjoy sex again. There are many ways to enhance and share pleasure and closeness with your partner. Even survivors who no longer have sex are able to find ways to continue to enjoy affection and closeness with their partners. American Cancer Society. Mulhall,John P. Schover,Leslie R. Fouladi,Carla L. Practical information about preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

The book includes candid personal stories and offers information on the social, romantic, and sexual requirements posed by a wide range of physical disabilities. Also contains resource lists. Note: includes explicit illustrations. Written for kids with spina bifida, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, and other mobility disorders. More about this book. A manual designed to help direct care staff overcome their discomfort with the sexual behavior of individuals with mental retardation. This set includes all that you need to give adults with intellectual disabilities their basic sex education and social skills training.

It includes 2 cassette tapes, one on the body and its parts, the other on touch. It includes pictures to go with the tapes. The script is also included in case you want to do the instruction yourself.

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  6. The final piece of the set is a list of questions you can ask to determine how much comprehension has resulted from the instruction. More about this set. P ublished in by the Wisconsin Council on Developmental Disabilities. Offers "practical advice, straight talk and honest answers to questions that many would be too embarrassed to ask.

    Simple language, and easy to read. Books for Parents —this annotated bibliography from SIECUS lists general books for parents about talking to children and teens about sexuality. SIECUS develops, collects, and disseminates information, promotes comprehensive education about sexuality, and advocates the right of individuals to make responsible sexual choices.

    Their website is an excellent source of general sexuality education information. NICHCY National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities publishes free, fact-filled newsletters, arranges workshops and speakers, and advises parents on the laws entitling children with disabilities to special education and other services. They also offer Spanish language resources. Chapter Gastro-intestinal Conditions. Management of a Cholera Epidemic. Chapter Liver Disease. Efavirenz DILI. Chapter Renal Disease. Renal Disease in HIV.

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