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More in suspense. Pitch Dark: A Thriller. Steven Sidor. A reader can't hope for more than to discover a writer possessed of both true talent and true passion.

Discover Steven Sidor. She doesn't know the men who are after her. She has never seen them before, but she has seen the horrors they visit on people who don't give them what they want. Vera has something they want badly. She'd give it up if it weren't the only thing keeping her alive. Whispers: A Thriller. Dean Koontz. For thirty-five years, Bruno Frye has lived in the shadow of the adopted mother who made his heart beat with constant fear.

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And even though she died five years ago, the whispers still haunt him in the dark Hilary Thomas is one of his intended victims. Book 2. Evan Smoak is the Nowhere Man. Twenty years ago, college student Dani Lancing was kidnapped and brutally murdered.

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The killer was never found. Thrust into an intense devastation that nearly destroys their marriage, Patty and Jim Lancing struggle to deal with their harrowing loss.

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Patty is fanatically obsessed with the cold case; consumed by every possible clue or suspect no matter how far-fetched, she goes to horrifying lengths to help clarify the past. Then everything changes when Tom finds a promising new lead. Viner immediately joins the ranks of Tana French, A. Harrison, and Gillian Flynn.

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The White Room. Martyn Waites.

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A veteran returns from war to find a city torn apart by poverty and crime A year after the end of World War II, Jack Smeaton has returned to Newcastle, a nineteen-year-old with bone-white hair and a memory that cannot be cleansed. A visit to a socialist meeting puts Smeaton under the sway of T. Dan Smith, a future city councilman whose dream is to rebuild Newcastle.

As they spend the next decades working to improve the lot of the working man, something sinister bubbles underneath the surface of their new city. Similar ebooks. Revival: A Novel. The new minister came to Harlow, Maine, when Jamie Morton was a boy doing battle with his toy army men on the front lawn. The young Reverend Charles Jacobs and his beautiful wife brought new life to the local church and captivated their congregation.

But with Jamie, he shares a secret obsession—a draw so powerful, it would have profound consequences five decades after the shattering tragedy that turned the preacher against God, and long after his final, scathing sermon. Now Jamie, a nomadic rock guitarist hooked on heroin, meets Charles Jacobs again. Prison guard Paul Edgecombe has seen his share of oddities in his years working the Mile. So, when I found a diamond necklace in my attic, there was no way I was going to keep it. Instead, I went on the hunt to find the actual owner.

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When something is the right thing to do, you do it — even if it takes more effort than anticipated. Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like. Thanks for the explanation! Thanks for this quick reveal… make me want to put the book at the top of my TBR stack! October 31, Release Date: September 11, To go with the series' theme, let's start the Tour with a little mystery to connect the pieces!

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From diamonds to emeralds, the United States is full of buried bling

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