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Kindle Shattered Triangle by William P. Messenger: Three friends, inseparable as children, take very different paths toward adulthood. In spite of the distances that emerge among them, they are thrust together by the tragedy of death. Tom Moran, a detective with the LAPD, is charged with finding the murderer and building a case for justice. He feels no call to forgive. This case is personal. Imagine your favorite teachers from high school are dying, mysteriously murdered one by one soon after the arrival of the new English instructor….

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The books are delightful.

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As detective Judy Norris races against time to solve a disturbing disappearance, the cryptic Mary struggles to remember how it is she came to arrive at a lonely house nestled deep within the forest. The veil thins. The truth draws closer. What are you Beholden to? Phelps: Murder, ghosts, and tacos. Oh my!

Once I was sucked in, though, Peter May did his usual trick and had me hooked throughout. I will be honest and say The Killing Room is my least favourite in the series thus far. Things were a bit on the predictable side — with both the way the relationship developed between the characters and the way the crime played out — and I found myself working things out well before they came to be.

Despite this, I still had a lot of fun.

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There was plenty to enjoy throughout, and the book is extremely difficult to put down. Mar 22, Quadrophenia rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. A promising start mauled by stupid relationship drama and an anti-abortion agenda. I really like Li Yan as a character and I really like the setting, so I've kept reading the China Thrillers even though I don't really like Margaret Campbell or the ridiculous back-and-forth misunderstandings between Li Yan and Margaret.

Seriously, I feel like I was better at relationships than these two when I was in high school and I was CRAP at relationships in high school and still am. It's like the same three A promising start mauled by stupid relationship drama and an anti-abortion agenda. It's like the same three misunderstandings crop up between them time and time again and they don't even make any sense.

The whole thing is tedious, and it gets in the way of the murder mystery. Anyway, that's neither here nor there. This book started out really promising with a particularly gruesome mystery at the heart of it. But it briefly recovered, although Peter May then decided to insert a ridiculous pissing match between Mei-Ling and Margaret over who gets to have Li Yan even though Mei-Ling had just freaking met him, and seriously no woman I have ever known has done shit like this and holy hell this subplot was so clearly written by a DUDE.

So, by about the end of the first third of the book, May had managed to turn the only likeable character in to a blithering idiot, while somehow making Margaret even more odious. And then we get to the agenda part. Look, I recognise that the abortion-thing is a really controversial issue, and its tie-in with the One Child policy in China is an area of moral contention for people. I'm not trying to convert anyone to one side or the other, and I am perfectly capable of enjoying literary works that take the opposing side on a controversial issue, really I am, but I expect at the very least that you get the facts right.

Anyway, I won't give away the ending, though I figured out the whodunnit like 50 pages in and it took the characters for-freaking-ever to manage it. I am an obsessive, so I will probably read the other entries in the series, but honestly, this is definitely the worst of the first three. Feb 24, CJ rated it it was ok Shelves: mystery , asian.

A wonderful taste of China, a nice, tightly plotted mystery, but a truly annoying female protagonist. After all, if you're going to live in China, how bright is it to deliberately antagonize public officials? Doing everything you can to alienate people isn't feisty, or independent, it's aggressive, annoying, and in a foreign country where you haven't bothered to learn even the simplest of phrases in the language, it's criminally stupid.

This is one of those books where the reader is screaming a A wonderful taste of China, a nice, tightly plotted mystery, but a truly annoying female protagonist. This is one of those books where the reader is screaming at the characters the entire way through the book, because it's inconceivable that a person with an I. While it's true that some brilliant people have blind spots where most people have common sense, the author needed to show that in other areas to have it be a legitimate explanation for Margaret's woeful lack of insight in dealing with the Chinese.

Margaret is an awful lot like the heroines in those B rated slasher movies who know there's a serial killer lurking somewhere, so they gear up with a flashlight that has failing batteries to explore the basement. Aug 24, Monica rated it did not like it Shelves: china , crime-and-or-evil. The only thing remotely likable about this book is the Shanghai setting and the descriptions of the city.

Margaret is truly annoying with her jealousy, bad temper and self pity. Li used to be sort of likeable, but becomes less so with each chapter. Margaret's relationship with Li and the contest between her and Mei-Ling for Li's affection is sophomoric and cliched. The whole abortion subtheme that is woven unsubtly throughout the story is distasteful and intrusive. If the book were just the descri The only thing remotely likable about this book is the Shanghai setting and the descriptions of the city.

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If the book were just the descriptions of the city without any of the awful characters or the flimsy plot, I might have given it another star or two.