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Sales Coach: Listen Up! Avoid the common mistakes of novice listeners. Get the latest buzz on technology, marketing, sales, and more. In the Trenches: Foreclosures Adventures Need a laugh? Then, submit your own! Beware These Inspection Red Flags Practitioners can protect themselves against potential liability by learning how to pick out visible defects in new and older homes.

Then maybe you need to change your approach.

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Here are three strategies to get customers sharing. Our interactive slide shows are brimming with ideas for sprucing up your listings. Take a behind-the-scenes look, and learn how to make energy efficiency part of your sales arsenal. Get tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes that plague practitioners during listing presentations.

Tech Watch: Gadgets Galore Take a look at the new products set to hit stores this year, promising to make you more productive and better connected from wherever work, or life, takes you. Quiz: Staging Savvy You can perform simple home staging techniques once you understand the underlying principles.

Take this quiz to learn the cardinal rules. Architecture Coach: Perks of Radiant Heating Heating that emanates from the floor is a big perk for buyers in chilly climates. A real estate practitioner reveals how he used the dirt trails overshadowing his listing as a selling point. Even seemingly harmless words can trigger a complaint.

Read this exclusive book excerpt.

January Check out our new look Visit our Web site this month to experience the new, easy-to-browse design. Tune into our blogs, read online columns, take quizzes, and find other resources that will propel your career. Budget Worksheets Start the new year with a solid financial plan. As part of the Work Smart series, we provide plans you can download to take the guesswork out of budgeting.

Sales Coach: Manage Their Expectations Many of buyers and sellers have unreasonable expectations of the current market.

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Learn how to communicate the reality of local housing activity. Quiz: Antitrust Success in real estate requires cooperation with other brokers and practitioners. But where does cooperation end and antitrust violations begin?

Buyer's Guide: Office Management Software Make your back office operations sing with the right office management solutions. Size up your offerings to see what software is right for you and your budget. Architecture Coach: Ballrooms Ballrooms were standard fare in old Victorian homes. Find out how a listing agent used the holiday season to perk up buyer interest and close the deal. First on the list: Be a bargain hunter. Falling prices on laptops, cameras, and printers make today an opportune time for equipment upgrades. Educate Your Clients: 3 Signs of Predatory Lending Your clients always should be on guard for unscrupulous lenders, especially if they belong to one of the groups most often targeted: the elderly, immigrants, minorities, and those with low credit scores.

December Get Networking! Experts tell you how to do it right. The latest tech tools can boost productivity, but are they always the best solution? Browse the Multimedia Collection Slideshows, audio interviews, and videos galore. Start the year with fresh ideas on being organized, following up with clients, and reaching your sales goals.

Learn about the latest gadgets and trends. Visit our book blog for tips from hot titles and author chats. Cost vs. Value Report Educate your clients on what the most popular remodeling projects recoup at resale. Find out how to get free copies of the Cost vs. Learn how you can use the Web to bolster recruiting efforts. But to fully understand the impact they're making in their communities, you've got to see them at work. You'll be moved by short videos that capture their spirit and passion. Seven Surprising Reasons to Volunteer Your work schedule is crazy and free time is hard to come by — so why start volunteering now?

We reveal unexpected ways volunteering can boost your business and personal life, not to mention your community. Tax Surprise After the Short Sale Too often, real estate practitioners are unaware of the tax liabilities their clients face after the short sale is finished and debt is forgiven. Book Blog: Finding Foreclosures Tune in to this week's Weekly Book Scan, where we take a look at a new title that covers the ins and outs of buying foreclosures. Coming next week: A chat with the author.

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Use our online form to tell us about your marketing ingenuity, leadership, and selling success. In the Trenches: Funny Job Stories Sellers hiding in closets, practitioners sinking into trouble, and a painful open house lesson — read some of these hilarious adventures in real estate. Book Excerpt: Why You Need a Portfolio You can build trust and confidence with your clients by having a portfolio of your professional accomplishments.

How do you create one? Internet: Use the Web as a Recruiting Tool The best way to grab the attention of rising stars and seasoned agents is through the Web. Learn how you can use it as a recruiting tool so that you can convince good practitioners to take the leap and join your brokerage.


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Find out how to cater to these young and savvy consumers, with tips from echo boomers themselves. Walk-in closets? Central air? Two-car garages?

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What You Can Learn from Other Industries Broaden your mind with great ideas being used in other fields — hospitality, retail, and more — to build strong brands, create customer loyalty, and provide top-notch service. Use the online event planner to browse the vast array of sessions and create a handy printable schedule.

Here are some strategies for breaking out of your mold and trying new ways to get the job done. Selling Luxury: Secrets to Success Three top-producing practitioners who specialize in the luxury market share the tips that helped grow their careers and win them business. How to Hold a Winning Seminar Plan every detail with confidence. Learn how to choose a seminar topic that attracts your target audience, orchestrate an energetic event, and build your reputation as an expert in your market.

Ask the Marketing Innovators With the advent of social media and smart search engines, old-fashioned marketing tactics are losing relevance. The fresh design makes it easy to browse for what you want. Earn Celebrity Status Do you get recognized by strangers? You may need to beef up your local star power. Read tips from Get Slightly Famous Bay Tree Publishing, , which tells how to use the power of fame to build business. In the Trenches Lighten up a stressful day with a little laughter. Read the hilarious on-the-job adventures of your peers, and then submit your own funny tales.

Log Home Living From simple rustic retreats, to high-tech modern homes, log construction continues to be popular today with a loyal segment of home buyers.

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  4. Find out what types of log homes are on the market and what features to look for. Our new interactive quiz will clear up popular misconceptions and help you avoid common foreclosure mistakes. What are you waiting for? Learn how to get your blog up and running — and generating business. Architecture Coach: Universally Appealing Universal design elements such as wide doorways, rocker switches, and decorative grab bars are popular with buyers of all ages and ensure that guests of all abilities can seamlessly navigate the home.

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    These subtle indicators can shape the outcome of negotiations and client relationships. Internet: Create Irresistible Offers One surefire way to get prospects to interact with your Web site: Craft appealing offers that will set you apart from the competition. Read submissions of funny on-the-job experiences and then take a minute to share your funny story with us!

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    But how much should you plan to spend? Three real estate practitioners use their staging savvy to transform challenging rooms into stellar spaces. Watch the videos to learn how they did it. Learn about the hot new trends, from reclaimed wood countertops to copper roofs.

    Sales Coach: Come Back from Burnout The constant demands of the business can take a toll on your physical and emotional health. But some simple steps will help you relax, get motivated, and renew your energy level. Architecture Coach: Add Luxury to the Bathroom Improve the bathroom, and you also may improve the odds that a buyer will fall in love with the home. Experts bring you up-to-date on new products and styles that add a touch of luxury to this essential room.