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To this end, you should ideally be making a suggestion every turn. Any turn where you do not make a suggestion is, essentially, a wasted turn. You can only make suggestions in rooms, so traveling on a roll of the dice should be seen as a last resort. When you enter a room, make a suggestion.

If someone suggests you and drags you to a new room, make a suggestion there on your next turn. This lets you move from one room to another room, guaranteed, without having to risk rolling the dice. That is two suggestions in a row that you get to make without having to worry about bad luck stealing your opportunity. If you have not eliminated those two rooms after that, you can keep going back and forth between those two rooms until someone shows you one of those cards. Until they do, it is the most efficient way to gather information.

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You can suggest any character or any weapon from anywhere on the board, but your room suggestions are limited by your location. For this reason, rooms can be the hardest thing to figure out, so you should learn about them whenever possible. Not only will this let you learn more about the weapons and people, but you can use the unfair summons trick. If another player is about to reach a good room to make a suggestion like a corner room or the likely murder room, you can make a suggestion about that player's character, which will drag their pawn back to your room.

And if that player takes his next turn to make a suggestion in your room, you can simply show your room card. Clue can be played as a simple deduction game with the above tips, but if you are willing to write everything down and put in a lot of effort, you can gain additional information. If you are desperate to win, you can write down each suggestion made, who showed a card to each opponent, who showed you each card, and which cards you have shown to each player. Doing this will be a lot of extra work. But it can give you a lot of benefits. If you know which cards you have shown to each player, you can show them the same cards repeatedly to avoid giving away extra information.

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Never reveal a new card when you do not have to. First, once you pass from one room to another, you may not move further, even if you have moves left on your roll. Second, you cannot pass into a room that is blocked by another suspect token. Further, you may not enter, and then re-enter a room on the same turn.

CLUE: THERE'S BEEN A MURDER!! (Cluedo Murder Mystery)

To make a suggestion, move a suspect token and a weapon token into a room on the board, and suggest that they committed the crime with that weapon in that room. You can only suggest that the murder occurred in the room you presently occupy. If your token was moved into a room, you may either roll or make a suggestion for that room on your next turn because you will have entered the room.

There is no limit to the number of weapons and suspects that can be in a single room. Proving and Disproving Suggestions: Once you make a suggestion, your opponents attempt to prove the suggestion false, beginning with the player to your left.

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That player looks at their cards for one of the three cards that you just named, and if they have at least one of them, they must show you and only you the matching card of their choice. If the player on your left is unable to disprove your suggestion, the next player must attempt to do so.

Once a player shows you a card that matches one in your suggestion, cross that card off of your detective notepad. You are allowed to make both a suggestion and an accusation on the same turn ,but keep in mind, if you are wrong on your accusation, you are unable to move further and cannot win the game though you still try to disprove the other players suggestions. When you make your Accusation, look at the three cards in the envelope.

If you are correct, you win the game.

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How to Win a Game of Clue Without Technically Cheating

If you are incorrect, you cannot win the game. Note: If your token is in a door way and you make a false accusation, move it into the center of the room to free up the passage way. Name required. Email will not be published required. Website optional.

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