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Academic journal article Dickens Quarterly. I had considered entitling this essay, " 'Pussy, Jack, and many of 'em,'" or perhaps, " 'Let's have a little talk about Pussy'" or " 'I'd Pussy you The trouble is that there are just too many good choices to pick from in this chapter if you want to highlight an example of mischievous sexual double- entendres. The word "Pussy" occurs 20 times in this chapter--a fact that is particularly remarkable considering the woman in question is not even present.

The OED indicates that the word "pussy" has been used as slang for female genitalia since about , so it's reasonable to imagine that a man with Dickens's proclivities for nighttime slumming would be well aware of the sexual meaning of the term. And his playful juxtaposition of the word with other suggestive language makes the sexual double-entendres even clearer, particularly in chapter 2 and chapter 8.

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So, what is Dickens up to here--and why should we care? To start with, Rosa's real name, "Rosa Bud," is also a longstanding term and image for female genitalia. The OED lists several examples of lips being compared to rosebuds in poetry from the seventeenth century onward, and "lips" have been used to refer to the external female genitalia since at least the sixteenth century , so the connection between rosebuds and female genitalia is not hard to make.

When Robert Herrick exhorted readers to "gather ye rosebuds while ye may," he wasn't just talking about picking flowers. So naming a young female character "Rosa Bud" and then giving her the nickname "Pussy" is playing pretty heavy-handedly with sex slang tantamount to calling a male character "John Thomas" and making his nickname "Dick"--but we'll get to John Thomas later. In this chapter Edwin and Jasper settle in with sherry and walnuts after dinner, when Edwin proposes, "'Pussy, Jack, and many of 'em!

But Dickens seems to be going out of his way to make Edwin's toast an eyebrow-raising double-entendre. Even if he'd just had Ned say, "To Pussy --many happy returns of the day," there would still be a sexual implication but one not quite so brazen as "'Pussy, Jack, and many of 'em! During Breathwork she grieved the death of her baby 20 years earlier. Her depression lifted immediately. Current psychological treatment protocol for PTSD centers on talking about the traumatic event. It is believed that accessing the affect emotions around the event is necessary for healing.

Breathwork allows you to very strongly access memories in an altered state, to allow the emotions to flow, and to let the body physically do what it was primed to do fight or flight in that traumatic situation, so that the fight or flight arousal cycle can release and the body can go back to a relaxed state.

Example: A 20 year old man diagnosed with ADHD, recalled being raped 10 years prior, by his stepfather. Using a tennis racket and pillow, he let his body imaginally fight off his attacker. Afterwards his ADHD symptoms all but disappeared. While energy healing is difficult to document empirically, many people report learning to open their chakras and unblock energy flow. For people who feel themselves always on the verge of anger, Breathwork is a godsend.

In a totally accepting environment, they can 1. Allow the body to simply release the anger energy in a safe way without shame, and 2. Access the hurt, fear or sadness that is living underneath the anger and then take steps to resolve that.

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Causes of emotional eating, painful relationship dynamics, and anxiety. Direct meetings with archetypes, deities, etc. Example: A man saw a white eagle flying in circles while its leg was held by a chain to the ground. On the ground were soldiers shooting at the eagle. He watched this from a cloud. In interpreting this vision he realized that one part of him, the eagle, wanted to fly free — his passion for life the Freudian id.

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He realized that the eagle, though very powerful, was white, which was representing its intrinsic goodness and positive motivation. By becoming conscious of the fact that he was so self critical, he was then able to be more self accepting and assertive in the world. In Breathwork some people re-experience their births and resolve the trauma and core beliefs from that experience.

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Often people experience many levels of evolution, being an amoeba, then a plant, then a reptile, then mammal, etc. Another common experience is flying through space. All of these experiences happen automatically. All you have to do is relax and breathe.

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Breathwork is totally safe. And while some of the above experiences sound painful, participants always report that they regard their experiences as positive, healing, and loving and very often deeply life changing. If you have any questions about Breathwork feel free to contact Jane Martin.

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Some teen Breathwork experiences at ReTribe. What We Do. Breathwork is a means of inducing an altered state of consciousness through full and connnected breathing. An energy charge is created in the body, and as the energy disperses, it serves to release, or to cleanse blockages, both physical and emotional. Possible experiences include; resolution and release of current problems, unresolved childhood wounds, birth memories, past life remembrances, encounters with archetypes gods and goddesses etc.

Stress and anxiety management Chronic tension Respiratory problems Trauma Emotional release Weight and body issues Relationship and birth issues Direct Spiritual Experience Self esteem.

Road Tripping Through Vermont's Beer Paradise - Paste

Breathwork Experiences. Physical Healing: Contacting the psychological underpinnings to somatic illness can often result in physical healing. Grieving: Elizabeth Kubler-Ross teaches us that the grieving process includes five stages. Energetic Healing: While energy healing is difficult to document empirically, many people report learning to open their chakras and unblock energy flow.